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March 2019 Worship Puerto Rico Volunteer team infront of the home of Angie Ponce, Loiza, Puerto Rico. 
“Worship Puerto Rico has been a huge blessing to my life. From our first project in March where 12 of us embarked on a journey to bring a family’s home back to life after destruction from Hurricane Maria, to a scouting trip this weekend in which we made unforgettable connections.”

— Claudia Cespedes

"Centro De Adoracion Abriendo Surcos - worshipping with you was beyond amazing & you all are now family. This entire trip was a miraculous and faith strengthening experience. We felt God’s presence in so many ways. My heart is truly fullđź’•.”

— Sarisa Windham

“It was my honor to share in The Eucharist (The Lord’s Table) with my brothers and sisters in Rio Grande Puerto Rico this morning. My heart leapt when I walked in to see this. The table was prepared!”

— Sean Leggett
Anthem Song for Puerto Rico ! 


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